Microsoft Dynamics NAV | Human Resources

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management (HR) functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software efficiently organizes and processes detailed employee records: Maintain all employee records such as employment contracts, absences, qualifications, confidential information, experience, skills, training, education, and union memberships. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV HR software helps to manage all areas of human resources easily and accurately by eliminating the time-consuming, manual process of redundant data entry and decreasing the margin of error. RoleTailored access and tight security features ensure that sensitive information gets delivered to only the right people.

Other features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Human Resource Management include the ability to 

    •    store personal information;

    •    track job openings within your organization; 

    •    extract a list of candidates for newly-opened positions;

    •    Keep track of employee benefits and company items such as keys, credit   cards, cars, and computers;

    •    record all types of absences in customizable units of measurement;

    •    attach comments, alternative addresses, and relatives’ names to           employees’ records;

    •    keep payroll in-house instead of outsourcing it;

    •    meet complex regulatory and compliance requirements;


    •    generate reports; and

    •    remember employees' birthdays and important dates.