MIE Trak Pro | Additional Modules

Additional Modules

MIE Trak Pro ERP Software gives the user the ability to manage the organization with the additional modules.

1) Dashboard makes it easy to develop metrics that a user would like to use to manage their area of responsibility and to show it in a graphical display.

2) Quick View makes it easy to create your own queries of information.

3) Time Clock module makes it easy to track payroll hours and to export them to a payroll service or package as well as have the system automatically accrue vacation and sick time based on the companies established policies.

4) Human Resource module makes it easy to maintain records about each employee.

5) Repair and Maintenance module makes it easy to schedule preventative maintenance and accumulate the costs on all assets as well as schedule when something or someone needs to be recertified.

6) Tasks module makes it easy to create a task work flow for an approval process and have the tasks be added to each of the employee’s task list that are involved in the approval process.

7) Bulletin Message module makes it easy to communicate within the company whether the communication is to be targeted to an individual, a department or be distributed company wide.