MIE Trak Pro | Sales and Order Management Modules

Sales and Order Management Modules

MIE Trak Pro ERP Software gives the user the ability to quote, receive sales orders and invoice with ease and a minimal amount of data entry.

1) RFQ and Quote modules make it easy to record the receipt of a request for quote and prepare a detailed quote of single detail items or complex assemblies and then to send a quote letter through email and capture the quote when receiving a purchase order from the customer.

2) Sales Order and Electronic Sales Order Import modules make it easy to enter sales orders whether creating the sales order from the RFQ, entering a sales order from scratch or importing sales orders from csv files.

3) Project module makes it easy to associate multiple RFQs and Sales Orders to a big project and then to manage the project.

4) Invoice, Pick List and Manifest modules make it easy to create Packing Slips and Invoices and prepare shipping documents such as bill of ladings.