NetSuite ERP | Akustica

Case Study: Akustica

Solution: Netsuite ERP
Industry: Electrical Component Manufacturing
Location: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Employees: 70
Users: 50

The Situation
Managing a complex global supply chain with a loosely integrated financial and operations inventory management software was proving unsustainable for the unique microphone manufacturer, Akustica. With operations spanning in-house and third party factories in three continents, warehouses and 3PLs, simply ensuring inventory on the books matched its warehouses required performing time-consuming physical inventories. Additionally, its current infrastructure couldn’t facilitate integration with partners, which was crucial for gaining greater control, as well as streamlining and scaling operations to empower growth.

The Solution with Results
Akustica selected NetSuite over other ERP systems to manage its entire supply chain and financial operations, swayed by NetSuite’s flexibility and time-to-value. Integrated, automated EDI with partners via Dell Boomi streamlines PO creation, inventory transfers, assembly builds and sales orders with third-party manufacturers, warehouses and logistics providers. 

Efficiencies gained 
Real-time visibility ensures accurate, auditable inventory, allowing Akustica to perform physical inventories only once a year, instead of once a month. With automated middleware data integration to handle two-dozen transactional and integration jobs nightly, it can scale without adding non-revenue generating headcount.

Foundation for continuous improvement 
Harmonized financial, production and engineering data lends Akustica increased control, allowing management to identify problems before they happen and identify gaps that help with optimizing the manufacturing process and performing ongoing improvements that will drive future growth.

“NetSuite has been instrumental in our supply chain transformation by giving us visibility, control and automation that wasn’t possible in our previous environment.”Bryan Bishop, Director of Supply Chain and Export Control Officer, Akustica, Inc.