NetSuite ERP | Big Agnes

Case Study: Big Agnus

Solution: Netsuite ERP & OzLink Shipping Solutions
Industry: Camping Gear Distribution & Retail
Location: Steamboat Springs, Co.

About The Company
Big Agnes learned what so many other fast-growing small companies have: a business can only run on QuickBooks and Excel for so long. The maker of high-end camping gear needed a more scalable solution, one that would replace its time consuming manual processes with integrated, cross-functional data, and that would enable it to ditch its paper-based customer support processes and deliver a top-notch customer experience.

The Solution 
Ready to innovate with NetSuite. 
Choosing NetSuite’s unified cloud platform over the likes of SAP Business ByDesign and Microsoft Dynamics GP has cleared Big Agnes’ path to innovation and growth. The company was swayed by NetSuite’s flexibility and scalability, as well as its popularity as an ERP platform among outdoor products and sporting goods companies. Delivering transformational impact NetSuite’s impact has been dramatic. Big Agnes has doubled productivity in order and inventory management, fulfillment and accounting; freed up staff resources and avoided hiring additional people; gained real-time visibility into the business; and improved customer support quality. Poised to do business everywhere NetSuite powers the processing of orders from Big Agnes’ retail partners and its consumer-facing web site, and NetSuite partner Oz Development’s OzLINK shipping solution further accelerates fulfillment. Meanwhile, NetSuite’s scalable cloud ERP has Big Agnes ready for expansion into 20 countries.

“There’s no question that NetSuite has facilitated our high level of growth. NetSuite allows us to get the back office out  of  the  way  and focus  on  our core mission.”
Chris Tamucci, Director of Operations, Big Agnes