NetSuite ERP | Advanced Multi-location Inventory

Advanced Multi-location Inventory


NetSuite gives manufacturers the advanced tools for accurate, cost-effective inventory management across multiple sites that drive higher service levels for your customers. It provides support for high volume SKU management along with advanced inventory management capabilities such as multiple warehouse management, serialized inventory, bar coding and labels, lot and bin management, expiration dating, pick, pack and ship fulfillment processes, drop-shipment and special orders, auto-calculation of reorder points and preferred stock levels based on sales history, returns automation and demand-driven replenishment.


Bin Management
Bin management capabilities improve inventory in the warehouse. Bin management allows for inventory to be received at the warehouse and put-away into preferred bins within the rack system of the warehouse for easy picking later during the order fulfillment process. Bin numbers are editable and you can easily transfer items between bins at the same location without impacting your inventory value or total quantity on hand.


Demand-based Inventory Replenishment
Automatically adjusts for seasonal trends and ensures stock on hand. Based on sales history and inventory reorder points, reorder levels can be dynamically calculated, based on historical sales or seasonal demand. Average lead time, historical or seasonal-based sales demand, and number of days' supply to stock are used to dynamically set reorder point and preferred stock level for each item, on an ongoing basis so there will always be stock on hand but ordered just-in-time.

Accurate Order Promising & Inventory Commitment

NetSuite gives your sales team real-time visibility into inventory availability when quoting and creating orders  increasing service levels with accurate order promising. Sales orders for inventory are automatically committed from available stock. Back orders are automatically committed to fulfill as purchase orders are received for in today-out today processing. Items can be manually reallocated inventory to different sales orders if needed.

Order Management with Advanced Shipping

Order management is the critical connection between your front office and back office operations. NetSuite is the only hosted application with integrated order management and integrated shipping that allows you to fulfill orders directly through pick, pack and ship or indirectly drop shipping items by automatically ordering and shipping items from the vendor to your customer.


Integrated UPS® & FedEx® with Tracking
NetSuite also extends into the order fulfillment, packing and shipping processes of a warehouse. The UPS™ or FedEx™ integration allows you to simply transmit your order information directly to UPS or FedEx and instantly receive back the rate, tracking number, address verification and the ability to print out shipping labels, to be shared among different individuals, teams and customers. You can even improve the accuracy of inventory profitability by associating item costs with related expenses, to calculate complete landed costs, factoring in expenses such as shipping or duty.

Returns Management in One System
NetSuite efficiently manages the return process and provides full visibility to both you and your customers. A customer service representative or a customer logging into the Customer Center can generate Return Management Authorization (RMA) forms and route them for approval so there are no more headaches from returns.