NetSuite ERP | Work Order Management

Work Order Management


Work orders allow manufacturers to easy manage the build process for production work orders to replenish standing inventory levels of finished goods or special order work orders built to exact specifications for a particular customer.


NetSuite supports production work orders that track the assemblies that need to be built to increase stock. Work orders are generated when the back-ordered quantity of an assembly reaches its assigned build point, and a bill of materials (BOM) is generated to facilitate picking member items for the build. When this work order is completed, the regular stock level of the assembly is increased and the finished goods are committed to open sales orders.


Special order work orders track assemblies to be built for a particular sale. When assembly items are sold and finished goods are not in stock but member items are, a work order is automatically added to the work order creation queue.


NetSuite automatically calculates reorder points and preferred stock levels, allowing manufacturers to more accurately determine the proper time and quantity when reordering components based on work orders for those items.


Raw materials are committed to a work order as they become available; when the work order is ready to be built, it will show up in your queue to generate an assembly build.