NetSuite ERP | Shipping Integration

FedEx® Shipping Integration, UPS OnLine® Tools, and USPS integration

NetSuite's wholesale distribution software offers FedEx® Shipping Integration, UPS OnLine® Tools, and USPS integration giving customers, suppliers and employees the ability to track packages anytime and anywhere. This integrated offering also eliminates the problem of manually exchanging data between separate order management, package tracking, shipping and customer service systems.

• Integration of FedEx® Shipping Integration, UPS OnLine® Tools, and USPS in NetSuite provides for advanced shipping and receiving, and eliminates redundant, disparate business systems.
• Generating FedEx and UPS shipping labels within NetSuite wholesale distribution solution dramatically reduces the time required to fulfill orders.
• By giving customers faster delivery, as well as full visibility into shipment status, you increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
• Create shipping items directly from the Real-time Dashboard, and set up FedEx® Shipping, UPS OnLine®, and USPS shipping to all destinations (domestic or international) from within NetSuite.
• Select shipping preferences, validate addresses, and calculate rates and handling fees. Add this information instantly to your customer's invoice.
• Do bulk fulfillment automatically by selecting the items to be fulfilled and printing the associated labels. You can also include the shipping description on the printing label.
• Assign different steps of the fulfillment process (such as picking, packing and shipping) to different people within the company.
• Link tracking numbers to sales orders, invoices and customer records, providing employees with complete visibility into shipping progress and delivery history from any transaction or customer record.
• Customers can log into the 24/7 Self-Service Center and view all their information, such as order and payment history, as well as shipment status.