NetSuite ERP | Why EcoBags Made the Switch from QuickBooks to NetSuite

Case Study: Why EcoBags Made the Switch from QuickBooks to NetSuite 

Solution: NetSuite Financials
Industry: Wholesale/Retail, Consumer Goods/Promotional Goods
Location: Ossining, N.Y. USA

About The Company

A certified B Corporation founded in 1989, Eco-Bags Products, Inc. is supported in its eco-friendly mission by the corporate citizenship program.

Free and discounted licensing through helps Eco-Bags Products focus on expanding operations and "cleaning up the planet one bag at a time."
NetSuite scalability has supported growth of the ECOBAGS® brand across thousands of retail partners, including Whole Foods, Nordic Naturals and Walgreens, and more than a dozen countries in Europe and Asia.

NetSuite Site Builder enables password-protected B2B ecommerce and direct-to-consumer sales, integrated natively with financials, inventory and order management and CRM.

NetSuite's multi-location inventory capabilities provide visibility and control across four warehouses in New York, Connecticut and California.
The Situation

Incompatibility between QuickBooks and a Mail Order Manager application used by a fulfillment partner posed problems for inventory and fulfillment.

Eco-Bags Products struggled with manual processes in managing leads, sales orders and invoicing.

Eco-Bags Products did not want the cost and complexity of installing on-premise ERP software and servers to handle its growing business.

The Solution

NetSuite's cloud business management solution was viewed as ideal in enabling anytime, anywhere access over Apple Macintosh notebooks.

The corporate citizenship program offered attractive free and discounted licensing to channel resources into the business mission.

Eco-Bags Products uses an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution from NetSuite partner B2BGateway to automate transactions with large retail customers.

Results & Benefits

NetSuite has helped Eco-Bags Products streamline and grow its custom work business, producing custom cuts and graphics for thousands of buyers including Williams-Sonoma, Pepsi, Staples and others.