Oracle E-Business Suite | Human Resources Analytics

Oracle Human Resources Analytics

Improve Productivity, Manage Compensation and Improve Retention
Oracle Human Resources Analytics helps organizations improve overall workforce performance and managerial effectiveness while reducing costs. With numerous key performance indicators, more than 85 reports, and four dashboards, Oracle Human Resources Analytics provides your human resources (HR) professionals and front-line managers with the tools to gain up-to-the-minute insight into productivity levels across your organization. The resulting benefits help reduce workforce costs, increase employee productivity, effectively manage employee compensation, improve retention, and reduce voluntary turnover.


  • Compensation—understand how compensation impacts performance, ensure compensation is equitable and consistent across roles, and align incentive compensation with objectives and company goals
  • HR Performance—assess HR performance against recruitment and retention goals, monitor and improve employee productivity, and assess compensation competitiveness to attract top talent
  • Retention—understand drivers of employee turnover, proactively identify top performers who are likely being recruited by competitors, and reduce recruiting and involuntary termination costs
  • Workforce Profile and Compliance—reduce time and cost of compliance reporting, increase employee satisfaction and retention, and manage overall profile and background of workforce