Oracle E-Business Suite | Asset Tracking

Oracle Asset Tracking

Oracle Asset Tracking is an asset lifecycle management application that provides tracking, visibility and control of dispersed assets for capital-intensive companies. Oracle Asset Tracking maximizes asset utilization and return on investment by automatically synchronizing the operational and physical events of assets with the financial updates in Oracle Assets.

As part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Asset Tracking offers tight integration with other products to provide a comprehensive, reliable and efficient asset lifecycle tracking application. This enterprise-wide integration helps achieve a single source of truth for enterprise assets while reducing the total cost of ownership.


  • Improve Asset Visibility with a Global Asset Repository—Oracle Asset Tracking integrates with Oracle's other operational and financial products to offer a comprehensive, reliable, and efficient asset lifecycle tracking application, along with complete transaction auditing.
  • Streamline Asset Creation and Updates to Assets—Oracle Asset Tracking provides integration and synchronization with Oracle Assets. This integration automates mass additions, cost updates, and asset transfers, thereby significantly reducing the amount of manual intervention required to maintain financial accuracy along with physical tracking.
  • Asset Deployment—A single transaction can deploy multiple assets at different locations with full or partial quantities, or alternatively, users can deploy a single, specific asset. Oracle Asset Tracking offers self-service asset deployment, allowing users to perform deployment transactions such as install, in-service, out of service, or asset moves.
  • Asset Transfers by Internal Sales Order—Oracle Asset Tracking supports all asset transfers between internal organizations. Assets can be moved by various operational transactions, such as inter-organization transfer and internal sales order transfer.
  • Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) Integration—Asset maintenance history is necessary for effective asset management. Integration with the global asset repository enables an asset to be simultaneously tracked by Oracle Asset Tracking and maintained by Oracle Enterprise Asset Management.