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Oracle Warehouse Management


Adapt to Volatility and Innovation
Your complex warehouse operations must adapt quickly and easily to changes. Your company is constantly innovating—and as your business model rapidly changes, the expectations for warehouses change, too. Whether because a customer radically increases their order volume to accelerate their inventory velocity, or your business decides to ship products with the longest remaining shelf life to their best customers, your Warehouse Management Solution must quickly respond.

Oracle's Warehouse Management Solution delivers adaptive customer processes enabling your organization to make logistics a source of competitive differentiation.

Converge Multiple Supply Chain Processes
Warehouses increasingly perform more and more functions—assembly, manufacturing, repair. They are part of extended supply chain processes including transportation management, procurement, manufacturing, order management, spare parts and repair operations, asset management, and maintenance.

Oracle's Warehouse Management Solution pre-integrates with the processes and applications driving these functions in your company. As a result, you get optimized execution of materials handling transactions on mobile and traditional terminals.

Scale in Complexity from Small to Large Operations
Customers demand the goods they want, when they want them, in perfect condition—and to their unique specifications. Warehouses must handle more items, with greater velocity, in increasingly complex orders. To address these challenges, businesses need a robust and scalable solution. They need a solution that will help them to optimize their operations—no matter how large or small.

Oracle's Warehouse Management Solution offers a broad range of materials management functionality from the most basic to the most advanced. No matter how big or small, you will improve inventory accuracy and labor productivity while reducing overall warehousing and distribution costs.