Oracle E-Business Suite | Shop Floor Management

Oracle Shop Floor Management

Oracle Shop Floor Management enables comprehensive, real-time management of shop floor activities, including complex lot transactions, dynamic routing, end-to-end genealogy of products, and modeling and tracking of operation yield costs. A single repository of shop floor information helps ensure the continuum between planning, scheduling, and execution.


Manage Complex Lot Transactions

  • Split or merge lots. Update lot name, product, routing, and quantity. Enable bonus lot creation.

Track Lot Genealogy

  • Track products back to raw materials. Enable backward or forward genealogy "surfing."

Enable Dynamic Routing

  • Determine routing dynamically, depending on process needs or resource availability. Gain ability to jump to any operation.

Integrate Planning and the Shop Floor

  • Support lot-based jobs and operation yields. Schedule orders with network routing. Gain CO-product planning capabilities.

Gain Yield-Based Operational Costing

  • Accurately measure operation yield levels, yielded cost of products, and cost variance at operations. Support standard costing methods.