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Oracle Service Cloud
Delight your customers. Differentiate your brand by developing lasting, profitable relationships with unified web, social, and contact center experiences
  • Oracle Cross Channel Contact Center Cloud – Case Management to manage the timely resolution of customer inquiries across email, phone, live-chat, and social channels on a single platform. Use Guided Resolution to effectively guide agents to resolution through knowledge, scripts, and workflows to ensure productivity and consistency Use Contextual Agent Experience to declutter the agent desktop to provide agents with relevant context of the customer, previous interactions, and helpful data. Unified Agent Desktop easily integrates systems into one unified desktop for agents. Customer engagement personalizes proactive communications with valuable customer data from deep service profiles. Configure and manage service operations with agility, low TCO, and low dependency on technical resources
  • Oracle Knowledge Management Cloud – Proactive Answers Deliver the most relevant answers to customers with wizards and leverage contextual knowledge to deliver agent knowledge based on incident information. Enterprise Content Search across multiple knowledge repositories simultaneously, regardless of location. Integrated analytics gain deeper insight into customer interactions and knowledge gaps with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop report builder and analytics dashboards
  • Oracle Field Service Management Cloud – Capacity Management. Leverage planning tools to enable optimized and efficient use of all resources, and transform your business model from capacity-driven to demand-responsive. Routing and Scheduling gives the right mobile employee with the right skills and equipment to every job on time with predictive engine. Monitor and manage the mobile workforce to improve efficiency while tracking and validating location in real time from the office or in the field—visualize and locate assets even if they are located underground. Mobility empowers mobile employees with critical job information and tools on any mobile device, with full offline capabilities. Team Collaboration uses context-aware, peer-to-peer collaboration for instant communication, more work independence, and knowledge sharing, instantly broadcasting important information to the entire field. Customer communication proactively alert customers and teams about appointment status via their preferred communication channels.