Plex Manufacturing Cloud | Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

·       Plex Analytic Platform - Rely on a performance-tuned cloud data warehouse to fuel your critical manufacturing reporting and analytics. Arm your manufacturing users with reporting and analysis, trending, exploration and discovery with the power of an enterprise-grade data warehouse that maximizes performance, empowers business users, and unlocks the power of data.

·       IntelliPlex Reporting & Analytics - Track your success with standard and customized business reporting with IntelliPlex. Measure and track your company’s performance against critical metrics and objectives. Write custom structured query language (SQL) queries to retrieve the Plex Manufacturing Cloud data from near-real-time report servers. Add custom reports or access hundreds of existing reports from a centralized menu categorized by business function.

·       IntelliPlex Analytic Applications - Get quick and easy role-based access to KPIs you need to make smarter business decisions. No matter which team or department you manage, take advantage of the growing family of IntelliPlex Analytic Applications to know the output of the team and to recognize team’s performance trends and patterns.