Plex Manufacturing Cloud | Gill Industries

Case Study: Gill Industries

Solution: Plex Manufacturing Cloud ERP

Industry: Metal Fabrication

Location: Grand Rapids, MI, U.S.


About The Company


Gill Industries is a world-class supplier of advanced mechanisms and welded assemblies. 



The Situation


  •       Relied on QuickBooks and spreadsheets to manage the business and production so information was dispersed or out of date. 
  •      Acquired a company and needed to standardize on a single ERP with the ability to centralize operational data. 
  •       New executive leadership wanted performance metrics across the entire company for all eight facilities. 
  •       Legacy ERP system required heavy IT resources and maintenance/upgrades with limited IT staff. 


The Solution


  •      Standardized all 8 facilities in U.S., Mexico, and Ireland on the Plex Manufacturing Cloud as its single source of the truth. 
  •       Streamlined over 600 differences in Plex settings down to 30 after first phase of standardization initiative. 
  •       Reallocated IT staff to more value-added business activities instead of maintaining system and servers. 
  •       Records production and quality checks in real-time, enabling Gill industries to maintain high quality standards. 

Results & Benefits

?What made the Plex Manufacturing Cloud an attractive ERP system for Gill Industries to standardize on was the fact that it didn’t require a lot of IT heavy lifting to maintain. 

“Plex’s cloud-based infrastructure has definitely alleviated the pressure on my team,” said Edler. 

His team can now focus on more important long-term projects rather than on keeping servers up and running. Edler also thinks Plex offers an easier experience for users.