Plex Manufacturing Cloud | Bar Coding

Bar Coding
Bar Code Labeling is a major strength area and product differentiator for Plex. Plex Online has built-in support for printing, reading, and utilizing bar code labels throughout the manufacturing and business process.

Plex featues bar coding is an inherent part of our software design, rather than an after thought or add-on package.

Plex Online provides a huge, constantly updated library of pre-formatted bar code label formats from Honda, GM, Ford, DCX, American Axle, and all the other OEMs and Tier 1 companies. Plex Online supports AIAG, ODETTE, and a variety of other label standards. Plex Online can also be configured to support any other label format you require, whether it's an obscure customer requirement or an internal label.

Plex Online specializes in implementing bar coding systems that track containers and/or individual parts on the factory floor using hand-held Pocket PCs. Containers or parts are scanned as they move around the shop floor, providing a highly accurate, real-time inventory system
Additional Bar Coding Capabilities
  • Receiving Raw Materials and Components
  • Container tracking (used when there are many parts in a container)
  • Part tracking (used for larger, more complex/valuable assemblies)
  • Badges (for quick login, time and attendance, and labor tracking)
  • Machine/Asset Tracking
  • Locations
  • MRO Supply Crib Items
  • Gage Calibration
  • Tooling
  • Shipping Labels