Plex Manufacturing Cloud | Old Mill Kettle Corn

Case Study: Old Mill Kettle Corn

Solution: Plex ERP
Location: Chickamauga, Georgia
Industry: Food & Beverage

At a Glance

  • A kettle corn manufacturer launches the Plex Manufacturing Cloud primarily to support their rapid growth
  • After a three-month implementation process, Old Mill Kettle Corn was using Plex across all areas of its processing enterprise.
  • Inventory is now tracked at virtually 100 percent accuracy.
  • Management achieved complete visibility across all processing
    operations and plant data.

About The Company
Growth is good, but sometimes it may not feel that way when the business you love has outgrown your ability to manage it. When Post-It notes can’t support your customers, it’s time to change. When you’re apprehensive about winning that big, new account because you don’t have the capacity to manage it, it’s time to change. Change came to Old Mill Kettle Corn, a company that manufactures healthy corn-based snacks, when McKee Foods Corporation, a national snack food manufacturer, approached it with a distribution offer that the company couldn’t refuse.

The Solution
Old Mill Kettle Corn had never used an ERP platform or a formal food safety management system but with the imminent expansion and new market opportunities, management realized it was no longer feasible to use paper spreadsheets and manual processes to manage product quality, inventory, supply chain communications and other aspects of processing operations.

A cloud-based solution was the answer for Old Mill Kettle Corn and the company selected Plex as its cloud ERP solution. After just a three-month implementation process, the company was using the Plex Manufacturing Cloud across all areas of its processing enterprise. Plex provides executives complete visibility into their operations and plant data, which can be leveraged to drive profitability. Plex’s cloud-first model gave Old Mill Kettle Corn the flexibility to surge up and scale down to meet the changing needs of the business.

Results & Benefits

  • Coordinates fundamental business functions: order to cash, plan to production, procure to pay
  • Manages inventory in concert with demand
  • Tracks, accounts for and traces all ingredients and raw materials to identify precisely which ingredients were used in finished goods to facilitate fast recall and trace back
  • Minimizes changeover to prevent cross-contamination
  • Fulfills customer orders accurately and on time
  • Captures real-time critical metrics like product cost and downtime
  • Propels them into the next phase of growth beyond their outgrown accounting package
  • Manages the complexities that come with expansion

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud adopted by Old Mill Kettle Corn is built for food and beverage manufacturers - it doesn’t try to be all things to all kinds of companies but focuses on a few verticals. It encompasses more than traceability and tracking, just as food and beverage products are more than their raw ingredients. Plex is a dynamic solution for businesses, designed to power today’s modern manufacturer.