Plex Manufacturing Cloud | Multi-Plants

Today’s manufacturer demands a sophisticated network to track inventory, production, and scheduling across multiple locations in different time zones and on different continents
A single tenant may contain several buildings within a facility or several facilities in different locations. Typically, buildings within a facility are in close physical proximity to each other and part of the same financial entity. The separate buildings can house different functions within the manufacturing process, including warehouse capacity, back-office functions, or redundant manufacturing stations. Multi-plant manufacturers within a tenant can effectively leverage Plex Online to easily manage many details of resource planning:
  • Individuals can be assigned by building, limiting operator access to only required and appropriate information.
  • Inventory transactions such as viewing, adjustments, and shipping can be restricted by building for better control.
  • Inventory locations can be specified by building and locations within buildings, if desirable.
  • Inter-plant shipments and receipts can be supported and tracked with barcoding and mobile readers.
  • Operators can track in-transit shipments between buildings in real time.
  • Inventory minimums and maximums for purchased parts and supply items can be established on a building-by-building basis.