Plex Manufacturing Cloud | Shop Floor Control

Shop Floor Control
Plex Online provides an extremely strong Shop Floor Control System (also known as Manufacturing Execution System (MES)). Plex grew up in the manufacturing industry and has always been, first and foremost, a manufacturing execution system. This is one of our primary focus areas and often noted as a major differentiator between us and our competitors.

Our full MES solution includes job/production management, process instructions, production scheduling, ultra-detailed real-time inventory control, tool tracking, production tracking, traceability and part genealogy, labor tracking, PLC machine integration, and much more.

Plex Online includes the following base requirements for an Manufacturing Execution System:

  • Simple, easy-to-use design for use by shop floor personnel
  • Real Time
  • Online
  • Built-in Bar Code Labeling
  • Built-in support for mobile/wireless handheld units
  • Built-in integration with machine PLCs
  • Built-in integration with weigh scales, packaging machines, and other equipment