Plex Manufacturing Cloud | Training Strategies

Training Strategies
Plex takes a “just-in-time” approach to training. Training takes place when a person is ready to start engaging daily with the system; for the core team that is day one of the Conference Room Pilot phase and for others in the organization that is during phases two and three.

You might also describe Plex Online training as “a little at a time.” Hundreds of implementations have taught the Plex team that the best approach to training is to do short training sessions and then have employees return
 to their work. This allows them time to try-out what they have learned and to develop ideas for process modifications and system optimization.

Training starts in a meeting format then continues with employees at their workstations by teleconference and on-line. As employees begin to work with the system entering data they become increasingly familiar with the various features of the software.

Online training sessions by teleconference allow for flexibility in scheduling and the ability to immediately access other Plex experts. This type of training also is effective because the software itself is online – everyone can instantly see the result of transactions made from anywhere in the world. Lastly, it encourages the customer team to take ownership of the system and not become dependent on the Plex project manager. Plex’ approach to training is less onerous and formal than has been typical for new system implementations traditionally. With more than 350 modules, no one person can hold detailedmknowledge of every aspect of the Plex system, however many team members can develop an extensive understanding of how to operate specific modules. Many employees of a manufacturing enterprise can perform their entire jobs using only two or three screens of their module within the Plex System.

Plex approaches training with this principle in mind. Employees learn some overall system principles and then get right to work learning how to operate the system, as they work with the implementation team to validate their function’s business processes. Training in the majority of modules requires an hour or less.