Priority Software ERP | Future Cell

Case Study: Future Cell

About the Company
Furure Cell which was founded in 2006 is a leading Israeli importer and distributor of mobile phone accessories, including, batteries, protective covers, power chargers, headphones and stereo accessories & complementary gadgets. Their long list of  customers include leading cellular providers, MVNO's, private and chain stores, retail networks and others.

Operational Challenges
  • Average of four off the truck sales per day
  • Handle 5,300 barcodes, 2,900 on a weekly basis
  • Large complex logistics center, over 7,500 sq. ft.
  • Distribution to more than 1,200 retail stores including inventory management
  • Management of 21 sales representatives nationwide
  • Average of 90 phone orders per day
  • 3,000 monthly packages per customer
  • Different price lists for different customers 
  • More than 200 imported deliveries over a two year period
Why we decided to change systems
  • Increased demand from senior company management for detailed activity reports and reliable sales analysis
  • Need to improve/enhance our organizational process
  • A constantly growing company creates the need for a strong platform to support stable, significant growth
Why we chose Priority
  • Most convenient/comfortable platform for both the initial process and for the company's future growth
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to generate integrated reports
Service Field Solution
Until 2012, phone orders led to numerous errors in logging in correct order info; later in the pipeline, system showed errors in order collection

In 2012, we wanted to make sales more efficient by
decreasing the time sales reps people spent at each store, enabling them to visit more customers. 
Solution: To develope an interface with Priority.
Results: Sales reps could remotely connect to a web-based system via thier tablets; solution worked well but was slow at times, so we decided
on a standard field sales solution

In 2014, we implemented a solution for our field sales team and a WMS solution. Transition to the new field sales team was quick and easy-no need for prep work, we simply used the existing data. 

Field Sales Module: What We Now Have
  • Customer credit balance consideration during order placement
  • Catalog with images for all products
  • Promotions, includingnd daily specials & sales
  • On-the-ground special price confirmation function
  • Task for sales team, available at agent and customer levels
  • Collection, sales monitoring and selecting leading products to monitor for promotions and sales
  • Off-the-truck sales, including instant invoicing and credit notes
Immediate System Implementation
  • No need for prep work, not even data
  • System works from day one. Including complex and flexable functionalities, such as different price lists for different customers
  • Intuitive and user friendly-only a few hours required to teach new users
  • Low cost when compared to other solutions
  • Easy order implementation hierarchy as we requested, tailored to meet our needs
  • 20% increase in sales efficiency when compared to previous system:
  • Fast, no waiting time
  • Bug free and error free
  • Does not put additional load on our server
  • Sales teams are better informed with an improved data flow in the sales organization
  • Easy operation, option for daily changes and additions, with no need for external intervention
  • Revoution in sales analysis caoabilities
  • Significantly improved control of events on the ground, with ability to direct sales teams towards preferred products & promotions
  • Innovative sales operations from our customer's perspective. Fitting for a marketing-leading company such as Future Cell