Priority Software ERP | Production Management Overview

Production Management Overview

In today's highly competitive market, Priority is a premium solution for manufacturers to stay ahead of the competition and ultimately, enhance their business. Priority's reliable and efficient production management modules provide users with a uniquely holistic view of their end-to-end operations to help create and maintain smoother, leaner operational efficiency. 
Priority effectively supports the entire production process, from comprehensive inventory management to dynamic replenishment, warehouse management, production planning, costing and accounting. Module highlights include:  

MRP & Purchase Planning
Establishes material requirements according to an organizations' open work orders, sales orders according to frequency/demand

Product Data Management
Effectively handles part numbers and bill of materials (BOM), seamlessly integrated with Product Change Control (PCC) or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

ECO Management & Revision Control
Consolidates various drawings/related engineering documents, tracks the approval process and links all changes/revisions to corresponding work orders/requisitions

Multi-Division & Multi-Site Planning
Easily modified for multiple production control scenarios deployed in discrete, repetitive and mixed-mode manufacturing

Manufacturing Execution
Supports data collection via barcode/RFID as it tracks operational/production progress, QC, rework and scrap ratios