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Priority is a scalable, flexible and easy to use ERP solution designed for companies of varying sizes, offering tailored systems that meet the requirements of its core vertical markets, including manufacturing, professional services, customer service, retail (including a built-in PoS), healthcare, construction, automotive, agriculture and more.

Priority Software (Priority) has a strong presence in the global ERP software market with over 7,500 customers (organizations) in over 40 countries, and the product is translated and localized in ~20 countries/languages. Priority originated in Israel, where we are the most dominant player in the market. Since 2014, we have focused on expanding our presence in the UK, opening an office in London to serve customers in the UK and Ireland. As we steadily emerge as a new challenger in the UK's ERP software market, today, Priority boasts a strong platform of ~100 UK customers, a significant increase of 50% growth in the first year alone. Further, in 2016, we expanded our activities in North America with the purchase of a US-based ERP consultancy firm, which led to the opening of our US subsidiary, Priority Software USA. 



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Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix