Priority Software ERP | Customer Service & Support Overview

Customer Service & Support Overview

Fully integrated with all other Priority functions to deliver a holistic view of the customer. Customer issues can be reported by the customer directly via Priority's customer service web portal or by service/support personnel using the system's call center reporting tools. Call center reps can easily track/control open service calls, call assignments, escalation status and other customer communications, such as follow-up calls. The module's main features include:

Knowledge Base 
Easily integrated with existing knowledge base, such as FAQs recorded in Priority, giving customers an immediate response

Business Process Management 
Built-in Business Process Management (BPM) ensures correct customer service call prioritization, assignment and escalation; all achieved via an automated process according to service call attributes and other customer attributes

Supports seamless communication with customers through web portals, emails, fax, IM and various voice apps, such as Skype; also synchronizes emails directly from Gmail/Outlook directly to appropriate rep

Field Service Management
Comprehensive management/control of field reps via highly secure mobile access – mobile devices and tablets, including: real-time service call transfer via SMS, Google notifications or widgets, real-time tracking of service call responses by tech reps, including mobile support for warranties, replacement parts, images transfer and e-signature, including GPS; full support of inventory management, such as replenishment/purchase order requests easily opened for spare parts while servicing 

Service Call Management
Comprehensive service call management (dynamic BPM) where tech reps can immediately access previous service call history (Plug & Play) with real-time information conveniently displayed as pop-up notifications

Field Service Inventory Management
Tech rep's vehicle management, including tracking inventory stored in company warehouses, other reps' vehicles and handling on-site inventory transfer between tech reps 

Receipt of goods directly from vendor to technician, including control of on-the-go purchase demands for parts

Service Call Reporting
Comprehensive reporting of parts used, labor, provided vs. planned actual service, malfunctions and repairs, service call duration, including automatic reporting based on arrival/departure, description of repair with photos, meter readings and more

Summary reports and checklists as related to service calls, including customer satisfaction surveys, customer signature displayed on touch screens/printed; service call location/signed documents are automatically stored attachments