ProcessPro® Premier


Case Study: IRMCO

About The Company
IRMCO, established in 1914, is a manufacturer of water-based, environmentally friendly lubricant technologies for the metal-forming industry. IRMCO GEL®, the first water-based gel product for tube bending. IRMCO FLUIDS® are a wave of new products spawned from the original Non-Oil Fluids, including IRMCO FLUIDS® HIGH STRENGTH FORMULA, a high performance chemistry engineered to control the high heat and friction generated from the new demands of advanced and ultra high strength steel forming.

The Situation
IRMCO was previously utilizing a discrete manufacturing ERP system. The system was not a proper fit for their process manufacturing business and it wasn’t going to be supported in the future which compelled IRMCO to research a new ERP solution.

The Solution
While evaluating their previous ERP system, IRMCO decided to implement ProcessPro Premier, a fully integrated and industry specific ERP solution that strongly matched their company’s business operations and objectives. ProcessPro has enabled IRMCO to eliminate manual errors, streamline their business processes, and focus on its core business activities with confidence that their decisions are based on accurate information.

IRMCO implemented ProcessPro Premier in February 2013, which included an aggressive timeline for completion. “Our implementation specialist was direct, easy to understand, and appreciated our goals,” Kalas said. “We were successful in launching the software by our target date.”

Results & Benefits
Real-Time Inventory
Unable to easily and efficiently track its inventory levels, IRMCO desired to maintain accurate inventory levels in a real-time environment. ProcessPro has provided the ability to observe IRMCO’s manufacturing process across the board, they have access to live inventory updates and on-hand, allocated, and projected inventory levels by combining batch tickets, sales orders, purchase orders, and current inventory levels.

Streamline Processes
IRMCO has been able to streamline their processes and reduce operational costs. They’ve eliminated dual recording of a majority of their inventory transactions, cut down on paperwork clutter, and removed the frustration of delayed data at month’s end closeouts.

User Friendly
ProcessPro provided a system that IRMCO could use out of the box without major modifications. Initially they were also concerned on the “user friendly” capabilities of ProcessPro, as they kept in mind that their staff would need to adjust to the change. IRMCO’s staff has been pleased with the painless transition, accessibility of support staff, and the Doc’s on Disk series that allows a user to view solutions while working in the system.

While IRMCO is early in their implementation, they’re already looking ahead to future integrations and investments with ProcessPro – Automated Warehouse Solution (AWS) to further streamline their processes, eliminate mistakes (including labeling errors), and improve operational efficiencies