ProcessPro® Premier

Comprehensive Lot Traceability
Lot Traceability and Tracking
Lot tracking is critical for raw materials and finished goods – a difficult task to manage and often the number one challenge manufacturers face. Antiquated methods of manually entering data into spreadsheets is costly both from a time and error perspective. With ProcessPro Premier‘s fully integrated ERP system, lot tracking is simple, accurate, and comprehensive across all business departments. It's key to business success.

Minimize your Risk 
A big advantage of lot traceability for manufacturers is quality control. While most of the traceability functions have been de-veloped to meet regulation requirements, companies can also use the lot tracking information to maintain quality standards. With ProcessPro Premier, manufacturers can quarantine raw materials and finished goods until they pass inspection. Additionally, suppliers of raw materials can be more closely monitored for quality. Being assured that a product brand is the quality a consumer expects reduces the risk that a consumer will explore, and perhaps establish a new loyalty to, other similar products.
Protect your Brand
Consumers are loyal to the brands they trust. In turn, loyal customers secure a financial future for a manufacturer; therefore, maintaining loyalty is a must. Disaster can strike, however, when manufacturers are not prepared for a recall. Any scare associated with product safety can quickly cause consumers to change loyalties to a new brand putting a manufacturer out of business.

Recall Preparedness
While any company in the process manufacturing sector would benefit from ProcessPro Premier's lot traceability, companies regulated by the FDA are required to be prepared for a recall at any time. Food manufacturers must be able to track all product produced from point of origin through manufacturing until it reaches the customer. ProcessPro Premier's cradle-to-grave traceability helps companies isolate the source of any food safety issue in less time than is required by the FDA. The more specific the information in the system, the greater the ability to determine the extent to which a product is affected such as the quantity and batches to recall. Food safety initiatives demand that critical processes be well defined and established in advance to enable a swift response to minimize impact on both the consumer and the manufacturer.

ProcessPro Premier's integrated ERP system is a key tool in recall preparedness. In order to achieve true lot tracking, a system must be in place where raw materials can be traced seamlessly from receipt through shipment, with all transactions posted in real-time. ProcessPro Premier's cradle-to-grave lot tracking is the most comprehensive raw goods to finished product tracing system. Should a company need to conduct a product recall, ProcessPro Premier will be able to locate the affected products within minutes.