ProcessPro® Premier


Case Study: Lawler Foods

About The Company
Lawler Food Incorporated is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of gourmet cheesecakes, cakes, and pies whose current business includes national restaurant chains, wholesale clubs, and retail outlets in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

The Situation
Lawler was previously utilizing an ERP software system they struggled with for almost a decade. The first of three main issues was the inability to use the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) functionality within the system; an improper fit left their business with individually scheduling for three plants manually which cost them nearly two days worth of labor. Secondly, the scanning aspect of their previous software was a third party add-on that they didn’t receive any support when issues arose. Finally, the accounting was also operated via a third party add-on and didn’t function as “true” accounting software, therefore decreasing productivity with the accounting staff and leaving them again stranded without product support to navigate any issues.

The Solution
While evaluating their previous ERP system, Lawler decided to implement ProcessPro Premier, a fully integrated and industry specific ERP solution that strongly matched their company’s business operations and objectives.

Lawler implemented ProcessPro Premier in October 2011. Their previous experience implementing other ERP systems were difficult; they had numerous contacts for each component of the software which often halted progress and was an ongoing frustration. “We can’t say enough about our implementation specialist,” Collier said. “He was familiar with every aspect of Premier and could provide instant feedback to any ideas that we threw at him. Implementing with ProcessPro went really smooth and had the flexibility to go at the pace that was most comfortable for us."

Results & Benefits
Scheduling all three plants through Premier’s MRP versus being forced to do it manually, saved tremendous amounts of time and labor – from one and a half days of work down to only a half day. MRP has also helped them maintain adequate amounts of raw materials for scheduling timely batch production. “We now know what we need to manufacture versus guessing what items we need to produce,” said Collier.

Warehouse Management
Utilization of ProcessPro’s fully integrated AWS system increased Lawler’s inventory accuracy and minimized shipping errors and resulting returns. Now able to better utilize their warehouse space, they’ve improved their logistics and distribution operations.

True Accounting Package
Combining a complete billing and accounts receivable system with extensive sales analysis reports with account payable ability to create checks, track credits, discounts, warning generations to help prevent losses, etc. gave Lawler the capability to effectively manage business expenses. “Our accounting department loves it – it’s exactly what they’re used to operating,” said Collier.

Easy Sales Order Entry
Premier’s Order Entry generates, schedules, and maintains sales orders and sales order backlogs. The ease of use within the software allowed Lawler simple screen navigation – gone were the days of closing each screen to run a new inquiry – Premier allowed them to have multiple screens open at once saving them time and frustration.

Lawler is committed to continuing investment in ProcessPro Premier. Lawler is in the process of creating an internal company R&D team to streamline its processes of setting up and managing recipes. They’ll also introduce Dock Scheduling to schedule and manage their inbound and outbound shipments while providing users visibility to identify additional capacity that may be available.