ProcessPro® Premier

Premier’s formulation system allows the chemist to create new formulas, see physical property calculations as the formula is being built, record manufacturing instructions, set up QC tests, and see costs for labor, material, and overhead all from within one program.
Features of Formulation
• Multiple level BOMs can be set up to include packaging, formula, and intermediates.
• A formula can be set up once and scaled to any batch or package.
• Actual QC test results yield, and shrink can be recorded for each level when the product is manufactured.
• With one formulation display, the user can: build a formula using ingredient percentages or actual quantities; access physical property calculations; and enter manufacturing instructions, QC test results, and machine route steps.
• Costs are calculated for material, labor, and overhead. • Units of measurement include: pounds, kilograms, liters, or gallons.
• Up to 15 user-defined physical property fields can be named for each raw material.
• Each raw material is broken down into its chemical constituents.
• Hazardous constituents are rolled up by weight to print on the MSDS Hazardous Ingredient section.
• Each formula calculation can be directed to the appropriate MSDS section.
• With a click of the BOM Calculation button, the user can see up to 99 user-defined calculations for each raw material, and 99 user-defined calculations for the whole formula.
• Solid pounds and solid gallons can be calculated for each raw material. Percent weight solids and percent volume solids can be calculated for the formula as well.