ProcessPro® Premier

Manufacturing (BOM)

Process Manufacturing is the heart of the production program. It includes: formula bills of material (BOMs), packaged BOMs, batch entry BOMs, batch sheet processing, packaged batch ticket processing, private label sales, custom orders, bills of lading, and much more.

Features of Process Manufacturing:
Formula Management Records

• Formulas with ingredient percentages or actual quantities
• Intermediate mixtures
• Manufacturing instructions with embedded mixture formulas
• Ingredients in the filling sequence
• Multiple packaging combinations
• Quality control specifications
• Machine steps and labor
Security Regulations
• The electronic signature feature provides security by requiring a user ID and password during batch ticket posting.
• Product revision tracking allows the user to control product revisions and log any changes that occur within the BOM or the quality control system. All changes to the product are automatically tracked and can be printed in the Product Tracking Log report.
Printed Batch Ticket/QC Instruction for Formula Batches
• Premier prints the batch ticket with a list of ingredients needed in the order of mixing. This includes easy-to-follow mixing instructions, which print within the ingredient list.
• Quality Control (QC) instructions follow the mixing instructions, showing required QC tests with acceptable ranges and target values.
• The ingredient unit of measure is converted to match the metering device.
• Available lot numbers and bin locations also print for each ingredient in order of oldest lot first.
• Common customer needs for the same item are grouped together on one batch ticket.
• Packaged goods batch tickets can list all customer orders with any special instructions.
• Batch entry BOMs allow a batch of formula, instead of one stock unit of formula, to be defined.
• Print a complete audit trail of batch ticket activity with the Batch Ticket Transaction Audit Log report.
• Batch tickets can include a Done By/Checked By column to record appropriate signatures. This feature helps organizations meet cGMP requirements.
Bill of Lading (BOL)
• The BOL conforms to the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated format.
• DOT hazardous descriptions automatically print for hazardous items. Drop shipments will appear as if they are coming from the customer.
Communication Between Sales and Manufacturing
• Premier stores special instructions about the customer and the customer’s products.
• These instructions automatically appear during order entry and flow through to the plant batch ticket and sales picking ticket. This provides accurate and timely communication.
Standard Reports
Each report may be customized from a matrix of user-selected options, and may be displayed, printed, exported to a spreadsheet, faxed, e-mailed, or saved on disk. Available reports include:
• Costed BOM
• Plan Variance and Order Analysis
• Batch Ticket Audit Log
• Open Batch Tickets Report
• Lot Tracking Report
• Net Trial Requirements
• Batch Ticket Transactions