ProcessPro® Premier

Quality Control (QC)
QC is a necessity for most process manufacturers, due to cGMP and other quality regulations. QC is easy to use and has the flexibility needed for in-process and customer-specific testing.

Features of QC
• QC provides tailored instructions for each formula and packaged product.
• A friendly entry display can be used to record the QC results as products are made or at a later date.
• The individual who enters the QC results is warned when/if the results are out of range.
• A Certificate of Analysis (C of A) automatically prints with the packing slip.
• QC history reports are used to track test result trends and problem areas.

QC Test Features

• During setup, the authorized users are able to define test ranges and target values.
• QC tests are available for both manufactured and purchased products. Purchased products can be held in a quarantine status until tested.
• Transfer expired inventory directly to a quarantine status, effectively isolating non-quality material.
• QC has the ability to record and execute an unlimited number of test instructions.
• Test ID and Sample ID numbers create a seamless audit trail of test data.
• Assign default QC status at the item level.
• Purchase orders can print QC test requirements for purchased items that require testing.
• QC results for a lot are automatically printed on the customer’s C of A when the product is shipped.
• Sample ID’s can be assigned to materials. Each sample ID can be individually tested and automatically labeled.
• The electronic signature feature provides security by requiring a user ID and password during QC test result entry.
• Information on the C of A is customizable