ProcessPro® Premier

System Manager

System Manager is the control center. With System Manager, the user can configure system and workstation settings, user security, and more. Its data dictionary provides utilities for viewing and maintaining database files, and lets the user modify and create custom databases and indices.

Features of System Manager

• Password maintenance lets the user control user access by function, time of day, and date range.
• Option to encrypt user passwords and names for added security.
• Records and reports user audit trails detailing time-specific information about user actions.
• Data views give instant custom-defined views of data from any file in the data dictionary using the DataDriller.
• Custom menus allow the user to access as many as ten different user-defined custom options.
• Users can view various records (inventory, customers, vendors, and General Ledger accounts) without being able to edit them.
• Rule tables provide data entry validation to ensure data input accuracy.
• Enables the user to change key values such as customer, inventory, item, or vendor numbers throughout the system.
• Includes laser printing technology to produce high-quality, low-cost business forms on plain paper.
• Data dictionary stores information about application and custom database files, their fields and indices, data types, and program processes.
• System Recovery utilities can update and verify database file structures and indices, clear user flags and file locks, delete unused temporary files, and clear the Error Log.
• Error Log provides System Administrator with powerful tools and information to track down system faults.
• Fiscal calendars allows the user to define as many as 13 periods and control postings from all applications.
• Transaction rollback ensures data integrity and provides the ability to recover from interrupted transactions.
• Database containers ensure security and seamless access for better integration of third-party products.
• Expanded Company ID field allows up to ten alphanumeric characters for unlimited number of companies.
• Data Dictionary allows the user to expand key fields to user-defined lengths. Screens and Reports have been designed to accommodate lengthened fields.
• Users Information Settings tab consolidates all user functions and settings in one easy-to-access tree view menu.
• User privileges, settings, reports, and data views can be easily selected and copied from one user to another and across companies.
• Data Center icon in toolbar for one-click access allows users to view fields, browse tables, and maintain dictionary attributes.
• Date & Time and Spell Check option buttons have been added to all Notes fields.
• Calendar view button has been added to all date fields.
• Desktop pictures, colors, and graphics can be added to each company.
• Screens can be resized to allow expanded grids to view more data.
• Import Data Wizard imports customers, vendors, items, and GL accounts in selected file formats to more easily convert data from other accounting applications.
• User-defined custom reports can be assigned to specific users or companies and selected from option grid when printing.

Standard Reports

Each report may be customized from a matrix of user-selected options: displayed, printed, exported to a spreadsheet, faxed, sent by e-mail, or saved on disk. Available reports include:

• User Activity Report
• Disk Usage Report
• Key Change Audit Log
• Key Change List
• Setup Information Report