ProcessPro | 21st Century Healthcare

Case Study: 21st Century Healthcare

About The Company
21st Century Healthcare, Inc. is one of the largest international manufacturers of dietary supplements in the United States. They manufacture everything from vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts, to cutting edge weight management products, herbal teas and pet nutraceuticals from the Animal Nutrition Division. With offices in seven strategic locations around the globe.

The situation
21st Century expressed a few major concerns for an ERP solution during their initial search. For starters, they desired a complete system from beginning to end. They also required a software company that was cutting edge, industry specific, willing to offer product modifications to meet their needs, and offered a quality support team. 21st Century was also experiencing increased regulatory requirements of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) documentation, and needed an ERP solution that would provide sound reporting standards.

The Solution
21st Century implemented ProcessPro Premier in January 2004, without running any parallel programs. ProcessPro offered an industry specific and fully integrated ERP solution with a strong, knowledgeable support team. 21st Century also desired more inventory control to increase the productivity of the manufacturing process; which they have experienced an immense return on investment from implementing Automated Warehouse Solution (AWS).

Results & Benefits
ProcessPro Premier has supported 21st Century’s extensive growth over the past decade. They have experienced improved sales, margins, and bottom line results. “Our revenues have increased more than five times since 2004; we have hundreds of SKUs, numerous product lines, and have expanded from one location to five separate facilities,” stated Jim Jupeter, CEO , 21st Century Healthcare, Inc.

Inventory Control
21st Century has experienced a great deal of control in their day-to day operations without sacrificing efficiencies to do so. In fact, they have experienced an increase in productivity many times over, allowing their managers to focus on production process and training. With real-time data and inventory counts they have been able to fulfill orders with increased accuracy and improved their percent-of service to their customer base.

Regulatory Requirements
In recent years the vitamin and supplement industry has received more regulatory requirements of cGMP and the FDA. ProcessPro has provided the security and ability they needed to audit/track their production transactions. They have implemented electronic signatures and linked the signatures to their standard operation procedures to help ensure they meet the high standards of cGMP and the FDA.