ProcessPro | Hampford Research

Case Study: Hampford Research

Solution: ProcessPro Premier
Industry: Chemical
Location: Stratford, CT

About The Company
Hampford Research, Inc. (HRI) is a custom chemical manufacturer that was established in 1982 as a manufacturer specializing in photochemicals and radiation cured monomers. HRI has expanded the industries it serves to include the electronics, personal care and dental, printing and imaging, optical lens, and curable adhesive and coatings industries.

HRI was previously operating on a homegrown system that was difficult to maintain and didn’t allow for any upgrades. With a lack of real-time data and complete visibility to all manufacturing operations, they weren’t able to judge on a daily basis what was happening within the company – everything from inventory status to warehouse management to simple financial reporting – there was always an information delay.

HRI implemented ProcessPro Premier in 2011, a fully integrated and industry specific ERP solution that seized the ability to grow along with their company. Approximately a year after their initial implementation, they added additional features, including Project Accounting, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), and Automated Warehouse Solution (AWS), to further streamline their processes and improve operational efficiencies.

Results & Benefits
Real-Time Inventory
Unable to easily and efficiently track its inventory levels, HRI desired to maintain accurate inventory levels in a real-time environment. Now with the ability to observe its manufacturing process across the board, HRI has access to live inventory updates and on-hand, allocated, and projected inventory levels by combining batch tickets, sales orders, purchase orders, and current inventory levels.

Each manufacturing department now has complete visibility of its partnering areas. By sharing reports in ProcessPro’s Business Intelligence Suite (BI), team members are able to make informed business decisions regarding scheduling, lot tracking, inventory, and

Streamline Processes
HRI has been able to streamline their processes and reduce operational costs. They’ve eliminated dual recording of a majority of their inventory transactions, cut down on paperwork clutter, and removed the frustration of delayed data at month’s end closeouts.

Reporting and Data Analysis
Utilization of BI provides a familiar reporting environment that has enabled HRI to retrieve, analyze, and share critical business information allowing them to make better informed, timelier, and knowledgeable business decisions. The interactive dashboard provides direct drill-down capabilities to transactions, the ability to export data to Microsoft® Excel, and allows for posting of informational reports to HRI’s entire organization.

HRI is committed to continuing investment in ProcessPro Premier. HRI anticipates that they will be implementing Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to help them maintain adequate amounts of raw materials for scheduling timely batch production in the near future.

Benefits Overview

  • Real Time Inventory
  • Visibility
  • Streamline Processes
  • Reporting and Data Analysis