ProcessPro | Implementation Methodology

Implementation Methodology

Our proven implementation methodology has successfully delivered hundreds of high value ERP projects to our clients. Projects can vary in length and complexity based on the unique requirements of individual businesses and projects, with most taking between 6 and 9 months. ProcessPro has developed a flexible, yet disciplined, approach as outlined below, and will guide you through planning, implementation and ongoing system utilization.

Typical Project Plan/Project Kickoff
This phase marks the beginning of the project and includes outlining roles and responsibilities, defining a communication plan and identifying required hardware.

Business Environment Analysis
This includes a pre-implementation Analysis in order to ensure that your unique business requirements and opportunities for improvement are identified.

Business Process Review
A detailed review illustrates how your key business functions will work with our software, including data conversion and training plans.

Data Conversion and Customization
ProcessPro’s data conversion tools and expert training assistance allow you to manage the conversion of key data for your new system. Any unique changes to our software are identified and made.

Training and Testing
Training sessions are performed during the process, including performing transactions in your new system. ProcessPro experts assist with testing plans for converted data and unique configurations.

Go-Live and Post Go-Live Support
Once the software is live we assist you in any last minute training and adjustments, help you through your first month-end close and transition your business to our support organization.

Post Go-Live Utilization Assessment
We will return to your organization to conduct a complete analysis of post go-live utilization and provide a comprehensive plan for ongoing utilization improvement.