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IT Offerings

Cloud Hosting
If you are considering taking your business software to the cloud, ProcessPro provides one-stop cloud hosting services. We offer robust and secure Microsoft Cloud based hosting, managed by our team of certified system engineers. Spend time serving your customers instead of maintaining your servers, while at the same time significantly lowering your IT costs. If you’re looking for a flexible, cost-effective and mobile solution, we’re here for you.

Turnkey Servers
If you’re looking for a new server for your business and plan to install ProcessPro, then the turnkey servers we offer represent the best value and convenience for your technology budget. Our server offerings are sized exactly to your business, and include drive redundancy to protect your mission critical data. Installation includes a Microsoft SQL Server and ProcessPro software configured and optimized according to best practices. Since our work doesn’t end with upfront configuration, we will assist you in connecting the server to your network and installing the ProcessPro instances on your PCs.

Managed IT Services
With Managed IT Services, your busy employees have one point of contact for immediate help with technical issues. Whether the issue is with ProcessPro software, the network, your SQL Server, or anything else, your concern is routed to one of our highly-trained and courteous staff. Scheduled server maintenance is also included for Microsoft updates and security patches, ProcessPro build update installation and monitoring and management of your database backups.

Cloud Backup Solutions
Tired of rotating tapes or portable drives? Not confident if you can successfully restore your data in a crisis? ProcessPro can provide, manage and monitor a cloud backup solution for your servers.  You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have an IT team securely managing and maintaining your backups.

Integration Services
Our software integration experts have years of experience connecting ProcessPro software to other business systems, designed with your unique business needs in mind. As the developer, direct-seller, installer and supporter of the software, we have special insight into best practices that will bring the software integration into complete alignment with your other business-critical systems. We can save you time, money and headaches.
Infrastructure Planning/Consulting

When selecting the appropriate hardware infrastructure for your business, turn to the team at ProcessPro. Our great technical service starts long before the equipment is installed. We can provide a custom server design, as well a standardized list of equipment to guide your purchasing decisions. The chosen equipment will be fully compatible with ProcessPro software to allow for more effective, streamlined support and troubleshooting.