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Production Management for Ross ERP Software

As of 2021, Ross ERP is now known as Aptean Process ERP

Maintenance Management Module

The Maintenance Management Module is used to track Equipment Expense for both Repair and Preventative Maintenance Activities. All Parts and Labor activities can be tracked to both a Work Order and Equipment. Work Orders can be created and tracked for Repair and Preventative Maintenance. Work Orders can be generated based on either Calendar or Event (such as Hours or Quantity of Production). An Equipment Hierarchy in a Parent/Child structure is included with the ability to roll up the maintenance costs all levels to the ultimate Parent. Bills of Materials for repair and preventative maintenance can be maintained. MRO Parts inventory balances are maintained in Inventory Management with Purchase Requisitions created for inventory replenishment.

Process Manufacturing Module

The Manufacturing module of Ross ERP is based upon scalable Recipe/Formula based model to support manufacturing requirements that a traditional Bill of Material does not support. This includes scalable recipes/formulas with minimum and maximum Batch Sizes, Potency and Dependency formulas for Inputs, Miscellaneous non-inventory inputs, interstage outputs/inputs between stages to link recipes/formulas with multiple outputs for co-products and by-products. Allergen Control, Yield Management and Quality Tests are also available.

Process Manufacturing defines the production processes, calculates and tracks product and job cost, and records all of the activities to manufacture products. Multiple Recipes/Stages of the manufacturing can be consolidated into a process flow for streamlined production. In addition, Campaigns of similar products can be setup and managed. Cost rollups of the recipe are compared to standard job cost for each lot or batch produced. All manufacturing-related activities (including issue of materials which automatically decreases inventory balances, recording of production outputs which increase inventory balances) are tracked and charged to a Job, thereby determining actual job and lot cost with variances. General Ledger journal entries automatically created for all transactions and the lot trace information is recorded from the manufacturing activities.

Process Planning Module

The Planning module within Ross ERP provides you with the capability to develop Production Plans based upon Demand (Sales Orders and/or Sales Forecasts) and Supply (Inventory balances, Jobs and Outstanding Purchase Orders). Production Planning (MPS/RCCP) and Material Planning (MRP) are included with the ability to review and create Planning Jobs, Production Jobs, Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders. Optional Advanced Planning and Scheduling module can plan production based upon material, equipment and labor availability and optimize schedules based upon sequencing and changeover rules including allergens.

Product Costing Module

The Product Costing module provides for Cost Management with multilevel Cost Rollups with What If and Future Costing capabilities. Cost Rollups can be based on standard costs, preliminary/future costs, last costs, average costs and what if costs with Multilevel Costed Recipe Inquiry and Comparisons.

Quality & Compliance Management Module

Ross Enterprise’s software includes quality control and quality tests as integral features. Inventory can be managed and controlled in multiple Quality Statuses and released upon passing of defined Quality Test Results. Quality Tests can be defined for Supplier Receipts, Manufacturing including setup, processing and post production, and for Inventory Retests. Actual Test Results can be recorded and the system automatically compares to acceptable values to determine and alert to Out of Specification Test Results. Quality Tests can be specific to Products, Suppliers and Recipes with the ability to add additional Tests as needed. Upon passing of all QC Test Results, the system can automatically release lots/batches from QC Hold Status.

QC Test Results are visible and available by Lot, Supplier Receipt, Manufacturing Job and are included in Trace Express.

Ross Production Manager Module

Ross Production Manager is an optional module to provide access to Process Manufacturing Jobs for Operators and Supervisors in the factory via mobile devices, such as Windows, Android and iOS Tablets. This provides schedules by work center, all job information to eliminate paperwork in the factory, as well as providing real time input of transactions from the factory floor.

Ross Quality Manager Module

Ross Quality Manager is an optional module to provide access to Quality Tests and Results for Inspectors and Supervisors in the factory and the lab via mobile devices, such as Windows, Android and iOS Tablets. This provides a list of upcoming quality test results for Receiving and Manufacturing with testing information to eliminate paperwork in the factory and the lab. Test Results can be easily recorded from the lab, the receiving area and factory floor. Charts and Graphs of Test Results and Alerts are included.

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