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Supply Chain Management for Ross ERP

As of 2021, Ross ERP is now known as Aptean Process ERP

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Module

Using the Forecast from Demand Planning along with Outstanding Sales Orders as Demand along with existing Inventory and Jobs as Supply, Advanced Planning and Scheduling then plans production based upon material, equipment and labor availability and optimize equipment schedules based upon sequencing and changeover rules including allergens.

Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting Module

Utilizing the Demand Planning application, you can define the various aggregation levels for forecasting by location, customer and product to easily create and manage forecasts on weekly or monthly periods using sales history from Ross ERP. In the event of abnormal demand history in ERP, you can make adjustments. In addition, you can also include or consider historical information from other sources as well. 

Utilizing statistical models, Demand Planning automatically determines the best fit model along with seasonality factors for forecasting of future demand. After the System Forecast has been created you can add adjusts for events like promotions or campaigns, as well as field and customer feedback for new stores and products. You can also compare the system forecast to customer or sales provided forecasts. Each Sales Manager or Sales Person can view their portion of the forecast by customer or location and provide feedback as well.

Inventory and Replenishment Planning Module

Using the Demand Forecast and Inventory Policies that you set by Product and/or Location, such as desired customer service level Inventory and Replenishment planning determines the Minimum and Maximum Inventory Levels and Inventory Investment. Replenishment Planning then uses the Forecast from Demand Planning and the planned Inventory Levels to then plan the Replenishments for each product and location.

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