QAD Enterprise Applications | Interoperability Solutions

Interoperability Solutions
QAD Interoperability solutions are available at many layers throughout the solution. They enable enterprise and trading partner applications to interoperate seamlessly with QAD Enterprise Applications. This robust solution set relies on standard business rules. It simplifies the upgrade process and enables integration without coding.
  • Reduce costs of integrating multiple systems: Automatically synchronizes with no coding required 
  • Ensure consistent information: Ensures systems remain in sync with data repository Desktop integration: Seamlessly transfers information from common desktop applications like Microsoft Office and Excel
QAD Enterprise Applications Interoperability Highlights
QXtend: A simple message-based integration tool that runs over middleware or peer-to-peer. QXtend features a full set of APIs accommodate to most transactions addressed by QAD. QXtend has a documented set of mapped transactions that simplify integration tasks defined in QDocs. QXtend is the backbone for application-to-application integration to the QAD Enterprise Applications suite, as well as opening up the application to other sources. QXtend allows automated and rules-based data synchronization tasks and eliminates the burden of maintaining custom interfaces.
QAD Integrated Customization Toolkit: A simple customization toolset that offers anon-invasive design methodology, a set of development standards and a tool to monitor, track and debug customizations to ensure ease of upgrading and conformance to QAD standards.
EDI eCommerce: Provides a streamlined method for managing EDI communications between trading partners, including an end-to-end integration broker for B2B communications. QAD’s EDI eCommerce module supports multiple parallel EDI documents depending on trading partner or Value-Added Network (VAN) provider.