Rootstock | Configure-Price-Quote


Rootstock’s CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) module offers a robust selection of tools to help manage pricing and quotes efficiently and with complete visibility. Rootstock offers seamless integrations between Salesforce Opportunities/Quotes and Rootstock Quotes/Sales Order objects.

The Rootstock Configurator provides accurate and immediate estimates for various product designs and customer needs. It is fully customizable making it easy to tailor the configuration process around specific business requirements. The Configurator guides the user thru process via user-defined, modular Selection Groups. Each selection can spawn sub-selections, and the user can eliminate certain options and require others based on prior selections. Each selection can also have an associated set of Components (Inventory Items, Labor Steps, Service Items, Entitlements, etc.) that function underneath the selections and factor into the total price of the configuration. At the end of the process the user can direct the resulting Configuration Set to a variety of destinations, the most common being a Sales Order or Quote Line.

Pricing Engine
Rootstock’s Pricing Engine provides companies with a multitude of options for an accurate, flexible, pricing system. Pricing models are Specific-to-General, all containing quantity tiered pricing and discounting options. Models include: Products, Customer Products, and Agreements (date effective and based on dollar and product qty volumes). Combinations of Customer Class and Product Group can also be used for additional discounting. Service Contracts and Contract Entitlements can be employed for the pricing of supplies and services of installed products. The Pricing Engine can also be accessed from Salesforce Quotes/Opportunities and can be made exposed via an API for external access to Web Stores etc..

Rootstock’s Quotes share all features and capabilities of Sales Orders including all product types (Stock, Kit, Configured, Service, and Entitlement). Using Rootstock’s intuitive Capacity Planning Workbench, users can view the impact the quote would have on the Shop Floor