Rootstock | Warranty/Entitlement Management

Warranty/Entitlement Management

Rootstock’s Warranty/Entitlement Management module provides a flexible system for assigning and maintaining user defined Warranty types to initialize warranty durations and expiration dates. Information can be maintained for both Products and Product Components (subassemblies). The Device History Record shows ‘as built’ vs. ‘as maintained’ as well as maintains the unit Installation Address (vs. Ship-To Address). Serial Numbers can be assigned during the manufacturing process or at Shipment time. Maintenance is simplified as you can link Cases, Returns, Service Orders, etc. for quicker access to related information.

Entitlements within a Service Contract accumulate consumption and usage data which is used to determine pricing for the sale of supplies and services associated with a Covered Product or Component. Entitlements themselves are a type of Product that can be priced, bundled and sold.