Ross ERP | Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing

The Manufacturing module of Ross ERP is based upon scalable Recipe/Formula based model to support manufacturing requirements that a traditional Bill of Material does not support.  This includes scalable recipes/formulas with minimum and maximum Batch Sizes, Potency and Dependency formulas for Inputs, Miscellaneous non-inventory inputs, interstage outputs/inputs between stages to link recipes/formulas with multiple outputs for co-products and by-products. Allergen Control, Yield Management and Quality Tests are also available.

Process Manufacturing defines the production processes, calculates and tracks product and job cost, and records all of the activities to manufacture products. Multiple Recipes/Stages of the manufacturing can be consolidated into a process flow for streamlined production.  In addition, Campaigns of similar products can be setup and managed.  Cost rollups of the recipe are compared to standard job cost for each lot or batch produced. All manufacturing-related activities (including issue of materials which automatically decreases inventory balances, recording of production outputs which increase inventory balances) are tracked and charged to a Job, thereby determining actual job and lot cost with variances. General Ledger journal entries automatically created for all transactions and the lot trace information is recorded from the manufacturing activities.