Ross ERP | Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Processing

The Ross ERP Sales Order Processing module manages customer demand and fulfillment with the functions of Sales Order Entry, Picking and Shipping and Invoicing.  Return Material Authorization processing and Credit Memos are also included along with Sales Analysis and Reporting. Customers with unlimited Addresses for Shipping and Invoicing are supported, along with Statement/Parent Customers to group multiple customers/companies that are owned by the same parent.  

Flexible Pricing options including Contracts, Customer Product Prices, Price Lists, and Bracket Pricing based on Volume or Quantity is included.  In addition, Promotions for both on invoice discounts and post invoice accruals are automatically included in Order Entry.  Credit Checking rules and alerts are included.

Either Inventory Reservations or Promises can be made at time of Order Entry, and time phased inventory availability is always available to view available projected inventory on the request ship date based upon Supply and Demand.

EDI for Orders, Shipments and Invoices is included.

Customer Specifications to match to actual lot characteristic values and remaining shelf life can be specified by customer and/or product to select lots specific to customer requirements.
The Picking and Shipping function is very flexible in how/when Orders are released for Picking.  Multiple Orders can be consolidated into Shipping Loads for shipment confirmation.

Invoicing is very flexible with ownership transfer at time of Shipment or time of Customer Receipt.

Return Material Authorization processing is included with flexible workflow by customer for approvals and return receipt of materials, and creation of Credit Memos.