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Managed Services

Remote Managed Services (RMS) is a Platform Service from Aptean that enables you to sensibly outsource application and database administration (DBA) tasks to a dedicated team of specialists that performs just like an onsite IT staff, but with the ability to work remotely. The RMS team takes care of your ongoing administration functions, such as application installs, configuration, and upgrades.

With RMS you can eliminate the need for a full-time, on-site DBA by partnering with Aptean’s Platform Services team, which can perform the following tasks remotely for your organization:

Your business is constantly evolving, requiring your applications and infrastructure to evolve with you—particularly the mission critical applications that hold the key to valuable customer and sales information. RMS was developed to ensure that your Aptean applications continuously meet end-user demands, perform reliably, and deliver the business results you have come to expect from Aptean products. RMS allows you to maintain “optimum performance” of your mission-critical systems, with the RMS team taking care of necessary systems management requirements, freeing you to focus on driving your business forward.