S2K Enterprise | Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

S2K Enterprise Accounts Payable Module retains comprehensive vendor information, including contacts, e-mail addresses, purchase order addresses and remit addresses. General Ledger accounts and pre-set distribution percentages can be assigned for each vendor. Robust inquiries create instant access to data including credit memos, vendor invoices, credit memos, debit memos, and payments. A comprehensive purchase journal as well as open accruals can be viewed or printed on demand. Accounts Payable Voucher Entry allows users to create one-time vendors and flag each invoice for 1099 payment history. Repeating vouchers can be pre-set to load monthly. Integrated Job Costing allows you to track expenses to a specific job and cost code.


VAI software also includes Purchase Order and Landed Cost price confirmation which allows you to match invoices to receipts and landed cost charges for posting and verification. Automatic tolerance levels can be set to notify buyers, through conditional emails, if invoice irregularities exist. S2K Enterprise's Accounts Payable Module offers customized payment processing options including manual and automatic payment selections, hand written check processing, letters of credit, and wire transfers. Accounts Payable includes a bank reconciliation option that provides the ability to clear checks and print reports that show cleared or outstanding checks.