S2K Enterprise | Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

S2K Enterprise Accounts Receivable application features powerful credit and collection screens which provide multiple reports, including global aging of accounts, highest dollar amount, or oldest balance. Accounting managers can easily review their specific accounts, enter notes on collections, schedule follow-up calls, and flag disputed invoices.

S2K’s comprehensive customer information fields include: Open invoices, payment history, credit information, sales history and open orders, all available at the touch of a key.

When interfaced with S2K Enterprise Order Processing application, VAI's Accounts Receivable Module displays invoice details and allows invoices to emailed, faxed, or re-printed on demand. Order processing can automatically send credit manager emails and also perform credit-checking functions when credit issues arise.

S2K integrated suite includes a flexible cash receipts program, allowing users to quickly enter adjustments, post cash to customer accounts, and track returned checks. Payments can be applied by invoice number, purchase order number, or account number.  Other features include recording overpayments, splitting payments across multiple accounts, tracking write-offs, applying payments and credit memos to specific invoices, and issuing charge-backs with ease.  When write-off or returned checks are recorded, conditional emails can be sent to credit managers.