S2K Enterprise | General Ledger

General Ledger  

General Ledger is the center of the S2K Enterprise financial applications. This powerful manufacturing accounting software module combines general journal entries and recurring entries, and collects data from the other S2K Enterprise applications, resulting in a comprehensive database for thorough financial analysis.

S2K Enterprise General Ledger is a cost effective feature that maintains audit trails of all transactions.  This allows drill downs to the book of original entry.   Run monthly and interim financial statements and status reports. Detailed current, historical, and budget data is maintained for comparative reporting.

This robust accounting software module for manufacturers also includes a report generator.  General Ledger’s report generator program provides a versatile means for building and modifying balance sheets, departmental budget reports, profit and loss statements, per diem reports, and period comparisons.  Secure access by user ID, and users can choose to view saved reports on the screen or print them. In addition, the S2K Enterprise spreadsheet export option provides authorized users the ability to move data to Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1, 2, 3 or any spreadsheet program for unmatched report flexibility.