S2K Enterprise | Master Production Schedule (MPS)

Master Production Schedule (MPS) 

Complete integration with Material Requirements Planning, the S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing Master Production Schedule (MPS) system permits users to view the schedule on a Monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

The Master Production Schedule (MPS) implements data from Manufacturing Orders, Forecasting, Customer Orders, and Purchasing modules to generate tailored schedules that save you time, materials and help you avoid shortages, wasteful use of materials, expensive shipping overbillings and last minute changes.
On-line, you can alter and modify due dates of orders, examine the production schedule for a specific time period, and even test the schedule for capacity constraints. Closing requirements are then automatically produced and sent on to S2K Enterprise's purchasing and work order applications.

Feature Highlights
Material Requirements Reporting
Transaction Analysis
Cost Comparison Reports
Employee Labor Reporting
Shop Floor Control
Scrap Entry
Customer Orders - Order Verification
Purchase Orders - PO Receipts
Inventory Management - Physical Inventory
Inventory Management - Cycle C