S2K Enterprise | Material Requirement Planning

Material Requirement Planning

Tracking proper material levels is an important and time-consuming aspect of manufacturing. S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing's Material Requirement Planning (MRP) software module eradicates scheduling and purchasing problems and speeds up the work flow process. Powerful yet easy to use this feature aids purchasing and production managers evaluate current and future material and distribution requirements and permits further successful planning.

The material requirement planning system is closely integrated with the Customer Orders, Inventory, Sales Analysis (Forecasting), Purchasing, and the Manufacturing modules of S2K Enterprise, and is responsive to company and plant specific criteria. This MRP software dissects the current stock inventory of all raw materials and finished goods. With VAI’s material requirement planning system you can identify accurately when and how much material should be purchased or manufactured based on a time-phased analysis of production orders, purchase orders, sales orders, up to date inventory levels and forecasts. This demand analysis can be viewed daily, weekly, or monthly.

Complete pegging is sustained allowing the user to drill down to the important data such as manufacturing order due dates, production order due dates, and the customer orders making up the needs of an item.

A material requirement planning run will produce suggestions based on considerations such as minimum balance, lead time, etc. During End of Day processing, our MRP software will classify items as critical, expedite, or push-out. These suggestions can then be analyzed through the MRP inquiry function, and modified or converted into manufacturing work orders and vendor purchase orders.