S2K Enterprise | Work Order Processing

Work Order Processing

S2K Enterprise provides a powerful, yet easy to use work order processing application to address all aspects of the creation of a manufacturing order. S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing software supports multiple bill of material (BOM) for one finished item. In addition to multiple engineering and production revisions, users can configure the bill of material using unlimited features and options directly from order processing. The work order processing allows companies to generate orders to stock, made to order (MTO), or planned orders all from one screen.

In addition to scheduling each line uniquely, this feature enables you to drill down to material availability, costs, select substitutes, and even create change routing steps based on capacity. Order status screens allow inquiry into orders with shortages, material commitments, and show the effect on scheduling, and many other functions. Work flow triggers help control and enforce work practices around the enterprise as they relate to the design, manufacturing and support of engineered products by notifying management of critical issues through the use of conditional e-mails.

S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing software also includes a production cost software application that closes the loop of manufacturing and accounting. It posts production costs to the General Ledger for inclusion in financial statements. Manufacturing variances are calculated for material, labor and overhead. Extensive management reporting includes standard vs. actual analysis, material variances, scrap reporting, labor efficiencies, etc. The result is a top-level overview of production efficiency.